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Established in 2018, JUST RAWR is completely dedicated and committed to animal health and happiness, bringing raw feeding solutions to dogs and their owners. Our fundamental principle is high-quality nutrition for our canine families, which is the highest priority for everything that we do here at JUST RAWR. From ingredient selection to recipe formulation, production processes to distribution and customer service, our quality standards are sure to be met at every step. We are extremely proud to maintain this approach to the manufacture of our top quality raw food products. Our facility is designed and operated to ensure our products are of top quality.


We are proud of our company, our dogs and our products.

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Produced With Passion

JUST RAWR started off with us preparing a basic raw mix just for our own household and working dogs. Literally through word of mouth we started supplying a few friends, a few training partners, a few kennels and some competitors in the field trailing community.

It was never intended to be a business but when the COVID-19 came along, it made us all think about what is important to us. If anything, I realized that I value quality over quantity. Quality time with my family, a quality cup of coffee, a quality conversation with my beautiful wife. I personally started focusing on “less stuff” but more quality, and from this was the decision to either sell “JUST RAWR” and move on or really create something of quality that we as a family can be proud of and from this decision was born our vision to create a far superior RAWR product, service and value to any competitors in the local market. Here we are ready to share our unreservedly passion, love and commitment by bringing JUST RAWR feeding solutions to you for your animals health and happiness.

Boston Mix

Our premium mix is an ideal fit for most household dogs.

Sadlers Mix

Allergy support specially produced to cater for dogs with allergic reactions to chicken or chicken products.

Future Gold Mix

Puppy development specially formulated for your new puppy.

Chasing Gold Mix

Major-league, our ultimate mix for the very active sports dogs.


Core diet, a complete mix for any dog – especially mommies and babies. 




What Makes Us Different?

  • The quality of our premium human grade sourced ingredients.
  • The level of our experience.
  • Our commitment and concern for animal welfare.
  • Our cutting edge equipment & technology.
  • We strive to ensure the health and happiness of each of our customers are met.
  • Produced in our own factory under continuous quality control.
  • Hygiene is constantly monitored and maintained at the highest levels
  • Easy to feed, individual portions in an edible casing

For a happy, healthy hound…. Just feed RAWR!!

 JUST RAWR Calculator

It must be emphasized that this is purely a guideline to recommended daily serving size and must be adjusted by the owner at home as every dog’s needs are different.

Approximate Activity Level of your dog

Approximate Weight of your dog

We will never compromise on quality

What are the health benefits of RAWR

The health benefits of RAWR feeding is endless but out of our personal experience since having our own dogs on JUST RAWR, we have found the following:

  • A troubled eater is finally excited about feeding time.
  • Our old boy got his mobility back in his hips – no more medication was needed, sadly he eventually got his doggy wings and will be remembered as our golden oldie.
  • Our Rotties first lost weight and then started picking it up again in their chest area.
  • Our Pointers being able to work days on end without “crashing”.
  • A much better coat and little hair loss.
  • Smaller stools and better intestinal health.
  • Their teeth are clean & no more smelly breath.
  • Underweight dogs filled up and had an improved condition in a matter of weeks.
  • The number of pups in a litter seems to be bigger but individual weights instantly smaller. Puppies tend to start eating JUST RAWR a few days earlier and very quickly move over to the solid diet away from primary milk production from the mom.
  • Better milk production by lactating bitches.

We take the product we produce, extremely personal as this is exactly what our dogs eat at home. JUST RAWR is a product of passion for our dogs!

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Important to know

Orders must be placed & paid by 13:00 to ensure a timeous delivery.

Delivery date to be confirmed upon payment. 

A delivery fee of R103.50 applies to all Gauteng based deliveries 

Jo’burg deliveries take place on a Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and Pretoria on a Thursday  

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