My five terriers from 6 to 14,5 y.o. are on a JUST RAWR diet for more than 5 years, and I should say… never I will go back to dry food again.. I’m busy in dog shows, obedience, agility, tricks and other activities with my dogs, and first changes after we started raw I noticed in 2-3 months, and that was just wow: visibly shinier coat, white teeth, less poop without the smell ( sorry to mention 😁), dogs became more active, playful, what else do I need to make them and me happy..? Besides everything, because I train them a lot, I need low carb healthy soft treats.. and even this is not a problem for me anymore with JUST RAWR, their new packaging allows me, or to bake it on my own from suitable sausage shape meat, you can see it on one of pics. And JUST RAWR has their own treat range coming soon with their own healthy snacks as well – yahoo! I can only say: Welcome to happy training and healthy life of your pets!

Olga Williams from Johannesburg

My 15 year old fox x whippet was licking the floor, where we feed the dogs, last night. No idea what he thought he would score, seeing that the dogs get fed in bowls and they are not messy eaters. Good testimony to your quality of raw food, he is a picky eater by the way!

Kind regards

Renel Wagener

This is our two RAWR-fed beagle bums. Hugo (blue) has sivere allergies, since on RAWR they have almost disappeared. Ramkiki (purple) has very thick hair which can be difficult to keep up (and to sweep up). Since being on her raw diet she is shedding much less and shining like never before!

These two are thriving because they are on the best diet! They cannot wait for feeding time!

Their hoomans also love JUST RAWR! Not only is it very affordable, they love the hoomans running the business and will highly recommend them to other hoomans.

Jomari Swart – Pretoria

“Hi. I’m really happy with the Future Gold mix. My puppy seems to be doing very well on it. Her coat has a nice shine. She is keeping good condition and my mom is not complaining that she’s too skinny. I’m very very happy with the food.
I love the new packaging as well it makes packing it in the freezer much easier.” – Daniela Roteglia

I have changed to JUST RAWR over two years ago from high end expensive dry food. During this time, I have experimented with a raw diet and now using the following recipe: Adult dogs feed twice a day, in the ratio of 3% JUST RAWR to body weight per day. I add 20% of pellets to help clean their teeth. In addition, they will get a treat of JUST RAWR chunky bones once a week.

We train almost every day for short periods and over weekends we train for longer sessions (upland walking 5km-10km). The dogs are in very good condition, and I can maintain their body weight without losing muscle tone. Their coats are in very good condition and shiny and general health is excellent.
I highly recommend JUST RAWR.
Bobby Lotter
LandenVlei Working Spaniels.

JUST RAWR feeds my pack and my litters of pups. I have been feeding raw for 18 years and find the quality and easy use of the Sadler mix unmatched in South Africa. My pack wolf down the cubed tripe and dried treats. Delivery is to my door! JUST RAWR makes raw feeding my dogs a pleasure.

Claire Madgewick
Magic Labradoodles Randburg

“It’s been amazing!!! Moved my little jack russell over to JUST RAWR also he is so happy. His coat is shiny and he seems to have a lot more energy, the vet actually commented on how well he is looking” – Allison Rubin

“Holly and her first bit of Just Rawr – she wasn’t too sure in the beginning although when the boxes arrived she wouldn’t leave us alone – but after a little inspection she tucked in.
The Yorkies wolfed their little pieces down. I was so surprised I thought they were going to be the fussy” – Fur-mom Jennifer Rogers

“Just a quick note of thanks to say that my Frenchie puppy, Margot, transitioned to RAWR in just a few days with absolutely no issues. She went from a doggie that only eats half her allotted kibble to a baby that LOVES her mealtimes! It’s SO rewarding to be a fur mom with a happy pup that eats with gusto! Thank you!”

We will never compromise on quality

What are the health benefits of RAWR

The health benefits of RAWR feeding is endless but out of our personal experience since having our own dogs on JUST RAWR, we have found the following:

  • A troubled eater is finally excited about feeding time.
  • Our old boy got his mobility back in his hips – no more medication was needed, sadly he eventually got his doggy wings and will be remembered as our golden oldie.
  • Our Rotties first lost weight and then started picking it up again in their chest area.
  • Our Pointers being able to work days on end without “crashing”.
  • A much better coat and little hair loss.
  • Smaller stools and better intestinal health.
  • Their teeth are clean & no more smelly breath.
  • Underweight dogs filled up and had an improved condition in a matter of weeks.
  • The number of pups in a litter seems to be bigger but individual weights instantly smaller. Puppies tend to start eating JUST RAWR a few days earlier and very quickly move over to the solid diet away from primary milk production from the mom.
  • Better milk production by lactating bitches.

How do I introduce RAWR?

Starting off slowly

Although some dogs may have more robust digestive systems than others, an upset tummy is always possible when introducing    JUST RAWR for the first time. When introducing any JUST RAWR mix, we advise that it is introduced slowly over a 7 day period.    This will give their system time to adjust to the change without leaving you with a mess to clean up. We must remember that the switch from pellets to pure, clean, and healthy raw is quite huge and 7 days is very little to ask after a lifetime of tasteless pellets.

How much RAWR should I feed my dog?

Generally speaking, you should feed your dog between 3% and 4% of his body weight on a daily basis. 

This, however, is just a guideline and your own discretion should be used.

Approximate Activity Level of your dog

Approximate Weight of your dog

Frequently Asked Questions


Why “cold turkey” is a big NO! NO!

Although some dogs may have more robust digestive systems than others, a upset tummy is always possible when introducing RAWR for the first time. When introducing any JUST RAWR mix, we advise that it is introduced slowly over a 7 day period. This will give their system time to adjust to the change without leaving you with a mess to clean up.  We must remember that the switch from pellets to pure, clean, and healthy raw is quite huge and 7 days is very little to ask after a lifetime of tasteless pellets.

Do I need to add any other supplements?

It is always a good idea to create a wider base of ingredients for your dog’s diet. Other suggestions would be raw bones at least once a week.

How should I prepare RAWR for my dog?

To keep it as natural as possible, your JUST RAWR mix should NOT be cooked or warmed up in any manner. Ideally, your JUST RAWR mix should just be defrosted and served to your dog at room temperature.

Why is RAWR smelly at times?

Due to the nature of the JUST RAWR mix, with ingredients such as offal and other meat product, you will find that it might be a bit more smelly at times.

Why does the RAWR mix look different at times?

As we are trying to create a balanced diet, making use of only natural products, and therefore we intentionally adjust our recipes on a weekly basis. Although these are minor adjustment, a different look is unavoidable.

Are fruits and vegetables part of the RAWR mix?

Yes, we use a minimum of 6 seasonal fruits and vegetables in every batch.

How long can RAWR be frozen for?

To be on the safe side, not longer than 3 months at -18ºC

And what about the packaging?

All JUST RAWR will be supplied in 5.4 kg or 10.8 kg packs. Snacks and treats are supplied in 1 kg packs. The packs are sealed and supplied frozen. The products need to be stored in a freezer at all times.  

How do I go about ordering? And what about payment?

All orders can be emailed to or you can send a WhatsApp to 066 392 4980 . You can also make use of our order now buttons that will take you to our order forms. We will then reply with a confirmation of receipt and advise you on how soon we will be able to deliver your JUST RAWR order to you. All orders will have to be paid in full before we can deliver.

Beginner Mistakes

Did not do sufficient research before starting

We can’t stress this enough, you need to understand the RAWR diet and the individual needs of your dog and it takes time to get it right and a lot of research, care and planning.

Rushing through the transition from dry food to RAWR

Even the smallest change in your dog’s diet should have a transition period, especially when it comes to RAWR feeding. Otherwise, it upsets your dog’s digestion immensely. Some dogs are fine without a transition period, but it is always recommended to take your time and be safe.

Mistakenly thinks all bones are safe

Meat bones are the best types of bones to feed, such as chicken legs, necks and beef knucklebones. These bones can be easily chewed without damaging teeth or posing a choking hazard.

Serving an unbalanced diet

By correctly feeding a RAWR diet, the only supplements that really need to be given are those containing vitamin E and micro minerals like manganese and iodine. Multivitamins aren’t recommended as they tend to contain calcium and vitamin A which is found in the RAWR diet. Do not introduce too many foods at one time, as that can upset the stomach so try one at a time to see how your dog reacts to it.

Under or over-feeding

Serving sizes depends on many factors, including your dog’s age, breed, activity level and health. Take a look at our JUST RAWR calculator, to get the recommended daily serving size but it must be emphasized that this is purely a starting guideline and must be adjusted by the owner at home as every dog’s needs are different. We strongly recommend that owners closely monitor their dogs to ensure there is no unnecessary weight gain / weight loss after you start your JUST RAWR journey.

Giving too many treats

You may end up overfeeding if you do not control the number of feeds you give since it is all extra calories.

Not making sure you are hygienic enough

Handling RAWR meat should be done properly. It is vital that you are adequately clean and sanitises surfaces, utensils and bowls after every RAWR meal.

Becoming overwhelmed

Information on how to RAWR feed varies and it may be hard to know what advice to listen to and whatnot. This is enough to make pet parents give up on RAWR feeding before starting. Try not to get swept away by the overwhelming amount of information the Internet has about RAWR feeding. If this is just the beginning and you need additional help with RAWR feeding, JUST RAWR has a Facebook and WhatsApp dedicated to helping pet parents feed their pet a healthy, nutritious RAWR diet.

RAWR Feeding Myths

A RAWR diet can cause aggressive behavior

Feeding a complete and healthy raw diet to dogs does not result in aggressive behaviour, or heighten their urge to hunt. However, feeding an improperly balanced raw diet, lacking in the essential amino acid tryptophan, has a negative impact on serotonin in the brain and that causes aggressive behaviour because your dog then has a deficiency. This can easily be fixed with a balanced diet that supplies recommended allowances for tryptophan.

RAWR feeding put your dogs at risk to harmful bacteria

This is probably the BIGGEST widespread myth due to well-publicized health scares, Salmonella can only survive in higher pH conditions (4-8+) and requires at least 12 hours to reach incubation. Your dog’s stomachs are highly acid and contain natural digestive enzymes to process the bacteria and then it is passed within 4-6 hours as waste. Since the time to complete digestion is very short, the bacteria does not stay in the body for long.

Raw vs. Cooked

The very act of cooking destroys or alters proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals. Therefore, cooking food makes some nutrients less available and others more available therefore cooked meat lacks many benefits of raw meat.

RAWR feeding isn’t providing a balanced diet

One of the biggest myths spread by pet food brands and yes, feeding your dog just steak on a daily basis isn’t a balanced diet and won’t provide your dog with everything they need to thrive. By choosing the correct mix you get a balanced and complete RAWR with all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Raw bones are dangerous

Not all bones are suitable for dogs. Cooked and dehydrated bones can splinter as the moisture has been removed that’s why we recommend to only give raw bones because they are soft, chewy and easy to digest. They’re an essential part of a RAWR diet. The same rules for feeding raw bones to adult dogs apply to puppies. It is totally safe when providing the appropriate size cuts for the size and age of the pet.


This is one of the most common complaints; considering the skin is the largest organ in the body it perhaps should come as no surprise, that digestive issues can be number one. It’s quite normal for dogs to have a good scratch occasionally however when this develops into licking, biting, chewing to the point of fur coming off and creating wounds it’s time to look at the causes and treat it as a symptom due to the intense discomfort felt by your pet. Itchiness can be because of a number of reasons, but we will look at the most common reasons why your dog might be itching and scratching and at times chewing his/her paws.


Does your dog have dandruff or is his/her skin flaky and dry which can be very uncomfortable. Hormones, stress and weather all can have an impact on your dog’s skin condition.
The best thing to do is to feed a species-appropriate JUST RAWR diet with suitable fat and oils in it. Processed dry and starchy chunks often are the cause of yeast infections and itchy skin. It is also worthy to note that dogs who are groomed and bathed a lot can suffer from dry skin; make sure you or your groomer uses a lower warm water and dryer setting when drying your dog and when you bathe your dog us shampoos which are made specifically to be gentle on the skin and restores the skins natural oils and finish off with a similar conditioner.


We mostly assume we would be able to see them, however, it can be hard to spot parasites, and for example the nasty harvest mites so it is really important to check thoroughly and make sure you can or have eliminated parasites. If you feel your dog may be suffering from fleas or you have seen one jump, have a look under the upper part of the legs because if your pet has fleas, this is a likely place to find them. You may not see a flea but also look for small black specks (flea pooh) on the skin and if you suspect fleas, it’s time for a good bath. Long and thickly coated pets may need two washes a couple of days apart to be sure all is out and also wash all bedding and tumble dry it if you can to get rid of stray fleas and eggs. You can also speak to your vet about a treatment and make sure you are informed as chemical treatments do not come without risk!!


Much more pets are showing signs of skin allergies. The grains, fillers, dyes and preservatives in a dry chunks can culminate in this type of allergy. Pets may also become allergic to different types of proteins but, it is possible that they may be allergic to cooked meat, but not in the raw form.
Many pets suffer from severe itching and are treated by their vet with antibiotics and steroids, when a cure may be as simple as switching to a biologically appropriate JUST RAWR diet. Itchiness can also be a symptom of an environmental factor such as pollen or grass. What we suggest with food allergies initially is to start with an elimination diet.

Elimination Diet

Keep a diary noting what you have fed and any responses your pet gets – this way you would be able to find out what food is triggering the itchiness.
We suggest to initially avoid chicken or any poultry meats and replace them with beef, venison or pork as past experiences in dogs with a poultry allergy has proven that the grains eaten by poultry birds can be a big reason for the allergy – bear in mind that you need to do the same for any treats.

Interestingly enough Staffies, Frenchie’s, white boxers, English bull terriers, Westies, Yorkies, are known to prone skin issues however once chicken was removed from the diet, most, if not all skin issues clear up.
A reminder about water
Water is treated with a great number of chemicals and ill dogs are less tolerant of these chemicals so it is advisable to find a source of pure, clean water for your dog.

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